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"A world famous ladies in the store price 3000 yuan, but in Hangzhou Yan'an Road, a mere hundred dollars can buy." April 28, received telephone complaints reader, "Today is 'World Intellectual Property Day' But this fake brand-name situation is still very rampant in Hangzhou. "April 28 afternoon, the reporter, accompanied by plainclothes law enforcement officers on the clothing market in Hangzhou part of the region conducted unannounced visits. Yan'an Road DIOR shirt sold about 70 yuan yesterday 13:00, reporters and law enforcement officers arrived at Yan'an Road, Hangzhou, Lung Fashion City. On the third floor of the women's department, reporters insight into a wide variety of "world famous." A shop owner told reporters, two days girlfriend birthday, she wanted for her to pick a designer jacket. Former female owner immediately went to a clothes hanger hung, clawed packed clothes, which remove a white T-shirt and pointing to his lapel tags saying: "This is DIOR and girls know this brand, custody she liked "reporter took this dress, found that many wrinkles on clothes, then asked:."? This brand very good, how are pushed into this is not really that way, "or female? the owner replied: "clothes is certainly true, but this is the foreign trade of goods, the backlog for some time, of course, some wrinkled but that's okay, go home and wash like to say, I only sell 70 yuan this dress. In Hangzhou Tower can sell a few thousand dollars! "Reporters later found almost all over the world well-known clothing brands can be found here. D & amp; G halter top $ 60, a $ 150 dress BCBG, VEROMODA as long as 60 yuan short-sleeved. But the reporter learned from the Hangzhou Tower, DIOR garments origin in France, their prices are generally more than 5,000 yuan to each; D & amp; G clothing as the origin in Italy, the price be air jordan 11 space jam for sale tween 2,000 yuan to 4,000 yuan; BCBG, original origin in the United States, prices are more than 2000 yuan; relatively inexpensive VEROMO-DA, ONLY selling prices are around 300 yuan. "Name brand" price so low on the market, is clearly false. Lung Bridge "Nike" sneakers sell about 100 yuan 14:00, at Lung Bridge reporter met a middle-aged woman selling sneakers. She saw reporters wearing a pair of sneakers, then against the reporters around, quietly said:? "Sneakers not to 'Nike', 'Adidas', 'Puma' of all, the prices are favorable, more than one hundred . "to show their side of his mouth also wore a pair to reporters," Nike "shoes. "Is this, good, right?" The reporter then expressed interest to see, so the "Nike" with a reporter arrived at the courtyard of a newborn on the way to the door. There is a young man sitting in the doorway, feet Alice, just the little doorway blocked positive, yard seventy-eight look strange men are playing cards. "Nike" come to the yard gate, to the young men sat, he said:. "To a pair of shoes." So the young men get out of the legs, the reporter through. A dyed blond hair about 30-year-old woman claiming to be the owner, with a reporter walked into a dark alley, and took a wooden staircase. In the third floor stairs, the boss stopped, opened a small door, now the reporters eyes is only about 10 square meters of a small house. The house of wooden floors, stacked with about 50 pairs of shoes, all kinds of sports. Boss picked up from the floor and a pair of reporters, said: "? This pair of Nike, as long as 160 yuan, you see how" reporter took the shoes and found that in addition to the printed "NIKE" few English on the upper outside, these shoes Nowhere else can see, there is no trademark Nike, no packaging. "This is fake it, what label did not." Reporter immediately asked the own jordans on sale mens er smiled and said: "! Is false, but also cheap ah this shoes are produced in Suzhou, but the quality is very good!" When he finished, She picked up the shoe in the hands of hard breaking. Reporters said that these things are not true, do not want. Boss changed the subject and told reporters laughed: "Never mind, we here have a lot sweatshirt, you see." So the reporters were taken to the other side of the hut, hung a dozen pieces of "Adidas" on hanger here, "Puma" sweatshirt, each asking price 90 yuan. Evergreen "Dunhill" was near the 15:00, Hangzhou Evergreen Garment market, the reporter was enthusiastic female owner of a clothing store attracted. She loudly to passers yelling: "look at it, we are here monopoly French brand Dunhill, look at it!" Into this area less than five square meters of shops, near the aisle in a row on display , respectively, showing the reporter saw eight new blouse. When the reporter saw the letters on the label, immediately discovered the mystery. The letters on T-shirt logo is "deahill", and authentic "Dunhill" dress should be "dunhill". See reporter seriously, the female owner seemed a little embarrassed, but she still stressed: "! You can look at these clothes fabrics, certainly not worse than the brand name, and a long 65 yuan more expensive ah", according to insiders revealed that in Evergreen clothing market, there are more than half of the shops are international brands as signs, but little real thing. Reporters saw in the market, only the famous Italian fashion brand Valentino was added about a dozen different suffixes, origin is different, not a statement. It is reported that this is because in recent years, relatively easy to sell Valentino's clothes, so many counterfeit. Which is also part of the manufacturers to play a "edge ball", to make some changes in the Ital jordan 3 katrina 2018 ian Valentino brand of "V", based on the then registered a new trademark; but most businesses sell directly as Valentino, customers do not know the line is easy to be fooled. Shuguang Road "Shark" price makes difficult to understand about 16:00, the reporter went to the dawn of the road. In a store, female boss to reporters about the signs as "Shark" white shirt. She told reporters: "The clothes original 480 yuan, I only sell 360 yuan." Reporter said to her: '!' Sharks' price should be much higher than this, you are fake it, "the owner explained to reporters immediately said: "not a fake, is A cargo, is the regular manufacturers; however, the factory inspection found some flaws, so the price is extremely low." and went forward about 100 meters, the reporter has to find a men's clothing store. A former reporter pointed to a store and ask the price exactly the same T-shirt, the owner told reporters the price is 100 yuan. How separated by 100 m price difference so big? This is the name of the owner smiled and said: "Our goods are from Guangzhou, is not what the real thing, that store Xintai Hei it!"Paul kisses Jordan CP3.IX "Yellow Dragon" 2015-10-15 12:21:15 Jordan CP3.IX has gradually released a variety of color matching, and this pair of Paul kissing the foot of the "Huanglong" color matching, is one of the best leader. The vamp is made of yellow and black, and details are decorated with golden details. Finally, the translucent crystal outsole is presented, and the most dazzling design is the gradual effect of the bottom. But unfortunately, Jordan Brand currently no sale of the color matching intention, interested friends may as well wait patiently. Liberty x Nike Air Force 1 High cooperation release 2014-09-24 11:27:57Liberty and Nike from London to bring a few pairs of cooperation for us in the jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black past summer don't note the shoes, and the day before the two sides work together again, bring a pair of new building Nike Air Force High 1 for us, and the two sides with purple tones, the vamp, on both sides of the heel and the flowers as the ornament, and excellent texture also makes shoes full of noble spirit, this shoe is currently no commercially available information leaked, please continue to pay attention to our follow-up reports. Custom version Nike Roshe Run 2014-09-12 10:58:01 Nike now as the hottest shoes Nike Roshe Run, the official has introduced a new color and adapt to the changing seasons after the new custom, designers will not let go this shoe, recently released a double network designed by Rhod Quilino of a "new" color, design inspiration from the Nike and the Supreme build Nike "Supreme" Foamposite Air One, once the classic elements of two pairs of shoes and a double Roshe moved to the Run, the high-end metal shoes Baotou shoes, full of rich flavor and fashion festival. Nike LeBron 13 "Command Force" color will be on sale at 2016-04-06 11:13:11 although Nike LeBron 13 Elite has officially met with you, but LeBron 13 is still one of the shoes you like very much. Today, Nike official brought us a new color matching, the color inspiration is familiar to everyone "Air Command Force", followed by a Nike AIr Logo is to highlight its source of inspiration. It is reported that the shoes will be released recently, interested friends may wish to continue to pay attention to it. For this year, , Air Force the 1 anniversary celebration will be the highlight of NIKE a year, and for another trump card shoe money Nike, Nike Dunk did not want to go to a low-key point, before the launch of several Dunk are loop point. In the new season of the shoes we once again saw the bright blue, r cheap foamposites ed and khaki were used in shoes, high quality suede suede shoes materials to ensure the quality and the best comfort, which can greatly reduce the high shoes to help bring in the ankle the feeling of discomfort. Like friends can pay more attention to, and these three color matching will appear in the major retail stores in the near future. Christian Louboutin men's casual shoes, add Python skin element luxury display, Japan's first tide shoes visvim 2012 new sewing process used review on an article: Christian Louboutin men's casual shoes, add Python skin element luxury luxury next article: Japan's first tide shoes visvim 2012 new products using sewing process in 2000, this pair of shoes is called "Adidas The Kobe 1" instead of "Adidas Crazy 1" "White"". In the blink of an eye, 13 years later, Adidas brought us a pair of shoes carrying too many memories. It is reported that the replica will be on sale on February 7th, at a price of $125. / Adidas Originals x pompous tuhao gold Jeremy Scott Wings master /Nike Kobe VIII road to the final chapter of "Prelude" color comments on A: Originals x Adidas / pompous tuhao gold Jeremy Scott Wings a master road final chapter "Prelude" color Kobe VIII /Nike[Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] US team after a lapse of 16 years and finally in 2015 Women's World Cup defeat to Japan, won the championship again. But in this battle, the winner is not the only American team. Various brands would never indulge opportunity, competing to win the public eye on the world stage. According to social media monitoring company, although FIFA Women's World Cup, Adidas is the official sponsor, but Nike is this remarkable enough (product) ball (Licensing) ratio (tear) race (war) is the biggest winner! On Monday, the US team in the Canadian Wome jordans on sale online n's World Cup final in 5: 2 victory over defending champions Japan, following the 1991 and 1999 after the third won the championship. The current Women's World Cup finals in the ratings also a great success: more than 25 million viewers watched Fox this by the United States and Japan duel, breaking the 1820 soccer World Cup last year, people in the ratings in the group stage in Portugal made the United States VS record, and the game also gave Fox Sports brings more than $ 17 million in sponsorship revenue. This final attracted a large audience in the eye - is twice the number of visitors the last Women's World Cup is still more concerned about the football game and the American television viewers than any time in the history. This means that the game is for a major consumer brands the opportunity to brand message delivery. In fact, many brands really have got a lot of game logo and advertising resources, including Coca-Cola and Visa account, they are an official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup. But according to marketing firm Amobee Brand Intelligence, said Nike (Nike), not even an official sponsor of FIFA, in fact, is the biggest winner in this final. From the start of the race, the company has on the situation of social media for as long as six hours of monitoring. The company on Twitter above 2,870,000 and US Women's National Team and the Women's World Cup-related tweets tracked. This information is majority (1.08 million) have used #USA tag this topic, there are about 690,000 used #USWNT (US Women's National Team) in the topic of labels, it is clear that the game is full of American patriotism. There are about 630 000 pieces of information about the game itself uses the topic of labels, there are about 98,000 pieces of information used #FIFAWWC (FIFA Women's World Cup). In these messages, Nik Retro jordans for sale e also accounted for a large part of the GDP. According Amobee said Nike is before the game and during the game these tweets in the most frequently mentioned brands. In the United States on Sunday 19:00 to 11:00 Monday morning, within this period of time, around the World Cup, tweets associated with Nike has 26,000, and tweets related to the same period in 2453 only Adidas. Amobee said that between June 6 to July 5 date, associate degree Nike and Adidas World Cup is beyond (Adidas) more than 121%. The following are around the United States win the World Cup victory of real-time tweets circumstances: This Adidas is really a heavy blow ah, because it is the FIFA World Cup's official shirt sponsor. And only the United States Women's National Team Nike sponsors, but the actual result is sufficient to explain the deal more cost-effective, but also more influential. In addition, Nike also launched a number of American players out of the country have large advertising, the marketing campaign in order to make greater contact surface, Nike on Twitter use containing #NoMaybes (no maybe) the topic labels to expand the spread. According Amobee said that in the United States on Sunday 19:00 to 11:00 Monday morning this time, the topic of tweets containing #NoMaybes tag reached about 10,000. Adidas football related topics label is #BeTheDifference (heterogeneous rise). Amobee, which was founded in 2005, in 2012 by Singapore Telecommunications (Singtel) acquired marketing company adds, with 16 minutes to complete the first ever Women's World Cup finals, "trick" the American midfielder Players Cali? Lloyd (Carli Lloyd) is mentioned in tweets highest number of players, the mention of her name tweets information on more than 120,000. In some contexts, the frequency ratio 30 MLB teams in the final day of the freque Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ncy of her social media mentioned even higher 200 percent. Nike as the US national team shirt sponsor at the same time, many US women's national sponsorship agreement, there are other players in the body, which is the promotion of these brands has played a very big role. Christen Press is an American professional brand water baby sunscreen (Coppertone) new brand ambassador, veteran Abby Wambach and Gatorade and Panasonic and other brands also signed a personal sponsorship agreement, while goalkeeper Hope Solo has been a Nike soccer marketing campaign central figure . Recently, Adidas has been in the struggle in the United States, its market share has been lower than competitors shoes Nike; and in terms of sportswear, Adidas's market share is lower than Nike and upstart Dema (Under Armour). Adidas is the United States Major League Soccer (MLS) sponsors, but in the NBA after his contract expires next season, Adidas will no longer be the three major US sports leagues to any one of the official sponsors. The German sports brand is still the highest worldwide brand and football-related degree, but the United States is not the only competitive advantage of the brand in the market. Nike has made great progress in the football field, the two brands in the United States engaged in a fierce competition to compete for market share. Sponsored by Nike C Ronaldo, Messi sponsor Adidas; Nike sponsored 11 national team participating in this Women's World Cup, Adidas sponsored six. Although the Adidas behind Nike, but Adidas World Cup is not a failure. Digital media on top of the situation, Amobee the brand ranked in the World Cup this year and all brands associated with the second place among the rest of the top 10 brands are Chevrolet (Chevrolet), Coca-Cola (Coca-Cola), Visa, one hundred Granville (Budweiser), cheap air jordans AT & amp; T, Kia (Kia Motors), Marriott (Marriott) and one hundred million AIDS (Mondelez). (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional co-brand footwear News: Chinese sports shoes Network)Kobe in the all star game data, it is difficult to be able to compete with him, the whole star game scoring history first, 15 consecutive years all star first after Jabbar, and has 4 All Star MVP and so on. So in so many times in the journey to the all star game, Bryant's dunk certainly has a lot of below we recommended the ten HD burst deduction graph. Of course, if not enjoyable, just enjoy the original video!yesterday to send to the horse Zodiac shoes first look after a series of styles complete shoes photos are today exposed, almost every year the debut of the Nike Air Force 1 was changed to a new member of the family of Lunar Force 1 launched a special version of the horse zodiac, making shoes in black and white leather, three color mixing fabric shoes, shoes side Nike Swoosh Logo and the outer bottom with a translucent design representative jade, black Lunarlon in the bottom Splash Effect eye-catching, details of the design is in place; and the image of Xiaozhuan body "Ma" printed on the tongue and heel design combined with horse hair flying and elegant pattern, and finally "the moment" of the metal shoe buckle, wish you everything goes well in the coming year, i. This Nike Lunar Force 1 "Year of the Horse" will be on sale next January 9th, and like friends, be sure to pay attention to the follow-up reports of the operators. source: HYPEBEASTA whole new chapter of Timberland founder Nathan Schwartz from 1973 Timberland production boots for decades, Timberland has become the brand index across the generations, the classic 6 inch boots and all kinds of professional outdoor boots are buy cheap jordans online very popular, even into the street culture and become one of the indispensable elements of dance, hip-hop culture. And return to nature, these boots are to work boots based design, focusing on the protection of it is often very hard and heavy, for the fans, Timberland classic boots contour to join the new SensorFlex this year? Elastic induction comfort system, build lightweight flexible and more suitable for leisure activities for the Killington series of shoes. Timberland Killington Chukka Taiwan, priced at 5900 yuanThe Timberland SensorFlex elastic comfort system allows the soles to be more flexible, with excellent flexibility and support protection. works with famous dancers to develop SensorFlex new technology tWitch is one of the world's most famous hip-hop dancer, he in the "dance Lin hegemony" (So You Think You Can Dance) at least five appearances in the season, the Alan show every week "(Ellen) standing behind DJ Taiwan, but also appeared in the film" dance Mike: scale limit of XXL "(Magic Mike XXL). He was often seen wearing Timberland Boots - and not just during the break. He danced in Timberland boots, though not necessarily comfortable. features a large number of foot movements for dancers, with uppers that feature improved abrasion resistance and durability and Virgil Gadson is a very down-to-earth person, but his feet rarely tread obediently on the floor. Born in Philadelphia, he started his dance career early and was good at modern, jazz and tap dancing styles. He watch their favorite dancing stars from TV, finally joined them, become "dance Lin hegemony" and "the twelfth quarter MTV Taiwan American hip-hop battle" ("America s Best Dance Crew) finalists. Timberland strong, thick, sturdy boots; they were born to bear all kinds of torture and bring the wearer exposed to wind and rain, whether it is mining or sheepskin lining stiffness to toe protective effect and design, these boots are work boots. But the dancers dance again and again. lightweight soft elastic SensorFlex technology is more suitable for a variety of intense dance movements "I've always been a Timberland fan.". 〉 Adidas Originals brings new collaboration between Metro Attitude and rapper Big Sean this year. With both sides of the background, combined with Hawaii flower and snake design, in Metro Attitude show like colorful scenery, in addition, in the shoes, the body is to dark suede to form a contrast of beauty. The rest of the details are contained inside of the tongue lion pattern and insole from First Chain song words' My dreams stopped being dreams when I turned 'em into goals', with gold elements are present in this pair of shoes. 2002, Nike for the first time SB (Skateboard) is transplanted into Dunk, then a whirlwind created belongs to the SB era, until today the shoes are still fascinating. This year, when it comes to SB Dunk 15th anniversary, Nike brings the memories back to Reese, Nike, Dunk, Low, PRO, WHEAT, Denim, SB. 's Nike SB Dunk Low PRO "WHEAT" using the same color, let us remember the 2002 "Forbes", the classic camel so many SB fans eagerly look forward to, it is not my first sensation. Interestingly, look will find "WHEAT" is actually "Forbes" shoe block color "anti" over the depth of exchange, no wonder the seemingly familiar, but fresh. Nike SB Dunk Low PRO WHEAT is scheduled for landing in May 25th at and designated dealership at $100, and there will be further news from you in the future. source: Nike popular culture information website Highsnobiety and Adidas Consortium to launch Ultra Boost and Campus 80s (station reports) Taiwan is scheduled for the weekend (4/9) listed in the JUICE Taipei, the mining lottery sale, intends to start with a friend today to complete the investment required to sign action, you have please survey shoe to pay more attention to detail please refer to the product pricing method and the message in the Facebook announcement, the actual selling way and the place to store transaction mechanism please announcement. JUICE-Taipei source: HighsnobietyNike has launched a "What The" series of shoes has been quite polarized reaction, initially by Nike SB was first launched in recent years to see the brand in the field of basketball three giants (KOBE, LEBRON, KD) of the shoes have cited this as a design inspiration, but with this seemingly messy disorder strong style colors make people love and hate. Abroad recently for the first time exposure of the KD 8 'What The' version, once again challenge the aesthetic view of everyone, to different combinations with various color elements interception algebraic style, this seems to be different between the material collocation by presentation, while the use of weaving techniques of stitching, do not know whether it will take the leisure based collocation orientation? source: US11 there is a saying on the field of superb skills, can produce the atmosphere or even influence on the pitch as a player for the phenomenon of "state level players", the title of the season in Stephen Curry who must not have too many people oppose, the latest Curry 2 also captures the magnificent natural beauty of the northern lights as the latest version of the color inspiration, gradually layer and fantastic colors, compared with any one color there are very colorful, and the meaning of the Curry play as Aurora like viewers wonder and dazzle the eyes. , under, armour-curry, 2-northern, lights-1under, armour-curry, 2-northern, lights-1 , under, armour-curry, 2-northern, lights-2under, armour-curry, 2-northern, lights-2 , under, armour-curry, 2-northern, lights-4under, armour-curry, 2-northern, Lights-4 , under, armour-curry, 2-northern, lights-3under, armour-curry, 2-northern, lights-3 as the official information about the concept of 'You can' t: look at the Northern Lights and not be amazed, just like Stephen s game. "which means" enjoy Curry games such as Aurora, do not praise the reason that if I heard last season will feel in God, but this season Curry is really like helps you, regardless of whether or not he or Golden State Warriors fans, they have created a name enough to stay NBA in the season! Under Armour Curry 2 'Northern Lights' Taiwan is expected to sell at 12/17, priced at NT$5280The launch of in 1992, Puma Disc Blaze is the world's first dual configuration is different from the traditional shoes laces, shoe lacing structure, as long as gently rotate Disc turntable can easily incorporate shoelaces, not only provide the wearer excellent fit and give your feet a fairly standard comfort. The launch of Puma presented by R698 XT2, Disc, Blaze three's classic shoes Crackle Pack in this year, its inspiration comes from the tennis players in the game and on the sidelines due to wear traces left in the bottom so named in the heel burst pattern is one of the main details in this section most of the shoes are deep red wine to create a noble texture, most people now extremely popular street style casual appearance interpretation. source: EU KICKSThe Nike Air Ship played an important role as Jordan's former battling partner at NBA and the prototype of Air Jordan 1. From the overall design of its shoes, and the presentation of the details, we can see many classic shoes, as well as the shadow of the Air Jordan 1 generation product.