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With today's running hot rising to become the city's most popular sport, well-known sports brand NIKE certainly seize this opportunity to launch 2014 summer Flyknit Nike Flyknit technology Racer new color, signs, this fan also cater to the sun warm summer, into the eye-catching red, purple, bright blue color. This time the series has been on sale at their designated stores, its official price of $ 150 dollars, interested friends do not miss yo.Adidas day before the innovation class shoes ZX's 8000 Boost launched a new double color, the designers use grey leather uppers constitute a whole, followed by through the transparent material reflects the elegant purple lining inside, make shoes filled with color at atmosphere, and finally to the white bottom, full of permeability it exudes this season due to the atmosphere, it is reported that the shoes will be in the recently designated registry stores for sale, interested friends may wish to focus.The year of the sheep clothing shoes with limited design, show signs the festive atmosphere with 15 numbers and sheep type on the tongue, it is worth mentioning that the design of removable tongue, on the back of the word "Adidas" design, in this way, even after the holiday, can still easily wear. Men's style is mainly red and black, tough material reflects the vitality of the boys, the high shoes can match a variety of pants, so that the new year styling is not outdated. Female hightops with red and blue black and white, in the material relative to men is thin, relaxed and happy mood winter light!Clarks is with nearly 200 years of history of the British classic footwear brand, is the first in the world of sports shoes brand, but also the first British men and women shoes brand, the British first brand, with half of the British people the first pair of shoes from the Clarks. In third Century Clarks across the superb technology, to create the classic top quality. From the initial " procurement of leather " to the end of each pair of shoes " strict quality test ", each procedure Clarks refine on, strive to perfect.Clarks brand originate cheap air jordans d in 1825 in England, South Somerset county ( Somerset ), founder of the brand Seros Clark ( Cyrus Clark ) and James Clark ( James Clark ) two brothers, using manufacturing carpet residual angle material production Clarks brand - a pair of shoes -- " Brown Beadle Strassburg ( Brown Petersburg ) ", this manual making sheepskin slippers, once launched, it reached an average of 1000 pairs per month sales. Since the beginning of the shoemaking expert Clarks nearly two hundred years of footwear legend.England Southern Somerset county always seems to bearing the legend. In fifth Century, England's most legendary King -- King Arthur was returning to the Samer Seth Shire grid Fort Langston ( Glanstonbury ). Thus, Somerset county not only became king Arthur and the Knights of the round table in the Middle Ages the romantic historical stage, the lattice of Fort Langston ( Glanstonbury Tor ) also became Samer Seth Shire's famous landmarks and bastion. It is not only a symbol of King Arthur's pioneering spirit, also a symbol of Clarks exquisite handicraft inheritance.Now, Clarks ongoing global scope expansion, turnover of 52% come from outside the UK, retail and wholesale business throughout the world more than 47 countries and regions, in the rest of the world has more than 1400 independent brand shops, nearly 1000 high-end shopping malls in the shop and nearly 11500 employees, almost every week somewhere in the world there is a new Clarks store was born. All this makes Clarks a year sell about 54000000 pair of shoes, namely average per minute to sell 103 pair of proud achievement.The Clarks brand memorabilia1825 Seros Clark ( Cyrus Clark ) in southern England, Somerset county ( Somerset ) opened its own Sheepskin Rug mill, Clarks birthClarks in 1851 by Queen Victoria's husband Prince Abbott to host International Industrial Fair ( i.e. " Expo " ), because of the " success will sheep and Lamb Leather carpet dyeing processing made a series of articles of value ", and " women's styles of both practical and novel long tube rubber overshoe " won two awardsIn 1860 Clarks in Somerset coun air jordan 11 space jam for sale ty ( Somerset ) J Theret ( Street ) established the first factory1863 by Clarks second generation master William Clark ( William Clark ) developed by Singer ( Crispin ) sewing machine was born, mean Clarks footwear manufacturers from outsourcing work system to the factory systemIn 1883 Clarks launched a hitherto unknown first double foot shape according to the design lines "health shoes ( Hygienic Range ) ", since then, the Clarks has always been committed to human foot healthIn 1950 Clarks became the UK's largest footwear brandIn 1950 Clarks family member Nathan Clark ( Nathan Clark ) launched the first double " Desert Boot desert boots ", this is the first true sense of leisure shoes1957 at London's Regent Clarks street, the first flagship store openingIn 1992 Clarks in China opened the first storeIn 2004 Clarks in China the establishment of Brand Company, director of Greater China and the Korean market.The Clarks brand of exquisite craftIn the early days of Clarks shoes, each shoe making process were made by the same man performed manually. In the company to carry out the modern innovation, the second generation master William Clark ( William Clark ) the introduction of the factory system, workers were able to concentrate on the drill development shoes a procedure, thus becoming the procedure of expert.Buy a pair of leather shoes leather quality based. Regardless of quality or price, to buy Clarks leather has maintained a strict standard, in order to ensure product quality and sales success. In addition, leather cutting is also important. Clarks based on physiological property and quality of the skins of different corresponding carefully processing, already with its years of experience, has a shoe-making industry for leather cutting of the highest standard.Clarks on leather and leather production processes all have strict monitoring, and regular testing, to ensure compliance with internationally recognized standards. Finally, in order to ensure that Clarks products with top quality, each pair of shoes will pass strict standards of quality testing to ensure. With its 1 jordans on sale mens 86 years of professional shoe-making experience, Clarks has developed a series of quality test system, simulation shoes worn way and in a long time under compressive capacity to design, to ensure that every pair of shoes every production processes are consistent with the highest standards. Clarks ensure that every local factories have and Clarks Sterett ( Street ) headquarters testing laboratory, accept and Clarks UK headquarters the same, namely the footwear industry the highest standards of quality test.As the classical Earl shoes Made in England and British hundred years shoe factory Joseph Cheaney & Sons together, followed on both top quality commitment and the pursuit for England traditional craft unfailing enthusiasm. By traditional craftsmen purely manual cutting, sanding, after more than 210 complicated process and up to 8 weeks to complete the Made in England, not only has a Clarks ultra high shoes quality assurance, is its exquisite production technology for the model.The Clarks brand innovation designClarks company headquarters to the global design director Paolo headed " trend and innovation " team, brought together from 28 countries with rich fashion and sports brand design experience in the design of the elite. They continuously from the global catch trends, seasonal trends analysis, so as to continuously stimulate the design inspiration. The team will advance the trend analyst for at least 18 months of the season fashion trends, at the same time, for boys, girls and children with their attitude of life, way of life and consumption behavior in market research, in order to better understand the different groups on shoes real needs, and to maintain each of these information updated in real time.In addition, headquarters in Clarks, Clarks also have their own shoe museum, on display from the company since its establishment all classic shoes, for the design team to continuously provide the brand unique retro series of creative inspiration, including 1947 for Queen Elizabeth design shoes, as well as for the Princess Diana Wedding customized shoe last. The trend a buy cheap jordans online nalysis, dynamic have farsightedness Market Research and Clarks exclusive shoe museum, ensures that Clarks always walk in the trend of changing tip, meet more in the forefront of fashion consumer demand. The hundred years of shoe-making experts Clarks, always lead and represent the most pure British fashion design.In 2012, Clarks released "to create the British model" ( British by Design ) fashion trends, to British popular model for the inspiration source, integration of the latest design trend of contemporary British fashion, to inject new vitality, and the British fashion delivered to every corner of the world. The autumn and winter of 2012, Clarks engraved on century 60, 80 time classic, classic elements to modern reinterpretation, combined with a British " big city " and " town " of the modern new leisure and free fall and winter of 2012, reconstruction and shoe trends.Among them, Desert Boot ( desert boots ) and Wallabee ( Kangaroo shoes ) is Clarks ORIGINALs series of classic original, established Clarks trendsetters status at the same time, it is to create a fashion legend. Even after 60 years today, still be among the stars are pursued, from the Beatles Rock Band Beatles, The Rolling Stones The Spice Girls to Spice Girls Chorus and oasis Oasis, is Desert Boot 's loyal fans; artists also demanded the cross-border cooperation to push out the limited edition, such as the famous British band oasis Oasis lead singer Liam Gallagher, Futura Peter Mckee graffiti artist, cartoonist. This season, Clark ORIGINALs with a number of British classic brand joint cooperation, in the classic shoes based on a changeable fabric and detail design to create the British character. From the top of the fabric Hainsworth, with endless red to create British aristocratic temperament; to Southsea Deckchairs and Liberty fabric, elegant and witty patterns highlight fashion breath; then the special treatment of the flag pattern, make the old halo effect will be red and blue again. Clarks ORIGINALs's classic Desert Boot ( Clarks desert boots ) has become a symbol of the brand, it is fashionable cheap foamposites personage essential shoes. In addition, Clarks another shoes Wallabee ( Kangaroo shoes ) but also by virtue of its simple lines, ruggedness generous car line, handmade shoes texture and easy to match features popular all over the world. Since eight zero time, it was for a number of Hip-pop star are respected, has now become a Hip-pop style in the necessary equipment.The Clarks brand of excellence in science and technologyFor a long time, Clarks has been of concern to consumers foot health, is committed to provide consumers with the ultimate comfort in experience, and all this from Clarks created superior technology as a solid guarantee.In early 1851, in London hosted the first World Expo, Clarks because of special " foot health " science and technology to be invited to the event, and won two awards. Nineteen thirties, at a time of global economic depression, but Clarks in adversity in the headquarters of Sterin J ( Street ) invested in the establishment of the laboratory, more than twenty-three Clarks patent technology was born here, in which Active Air and Flexlight technology for the shoe industry development laid the sense of milepost type.Goodyear Welted Goodyear handmade craftsGoodyear Welted is the world's top handmade shoes manufacturing process. Each shoe is the manual carefully the shoe sole and the shoe upper leather welt welt by suture, the pair of shoes are used first layer of cowhide leather, through more than 90 close manual carefully sewing process, a perfect Clarks of high-grade quality and exquisite craft. In addition, it makes use of the seam type leather outsole, and in between the midsole and outsole filled with cork, ensure shoes soft dress sense at the same time, breathable, Xihan and shock absorption.Softwear sofa cushion technologySoftwear sofa cushion technology characteristic of the forefoot soft latex liner, the entire foot heel cushion foam cushion and strengthen gives you ultra soft support, extra care to your feet, let you go walking for a whole day.Active Air interactive type air cushion technologyAs the core technique of Clarks, Active Ai jordan 3 katrina 2018 r interactive type air cushion technology has been constant development and improvement of Clarks technology, is an important sign of the future, become the major footwear brand uses Air concept buffer damping. This technology was developed in 1981 by Clarks original. It provides good cushioning effect, let your feet be protected. Durable outsole and soft bottom, plus the insoles air flow holes, keeping the feet while walking on air circulation corresponding, in the soles of the feet in shock at the same time, keep the feet ventilation. The technology is much more advanced in 2008 to become interactive flow technology, to provide consumers the most advanced ultimate comfort.Active Air with air flow system interactive flow technologyInteractive flow technology to provide the most advanced super comfortable feeling, outsole built-in air bags are walking through the extrusion airflow, passes through the bottom and insole, air flow at the bottom and a sole, and at the foot of circulating flow; at the same time, interactive Air sole made of three different density foam material, can be very good support the feet, and play a role of buffering, the shoes will not be long in loses the elasticity; dynamic arc sole completely according to the human engineering principle, every step toward health. It is used in the new air King (Movers ) and a good Walker ( Wave ) series.Flexlight Agile TechnologyLight technology for foot daily exercise provides a great light and comfortable. Flexible structure with strong sewing technology let feet more flexible; the insole is ORTHOLITE breathable antibacterial technology, breathable while inhibiting the growth of bacteria, furthermore, the insole forefoot unique twists groove design, keeping the feet free bending.GORE-TEX breathable waterproof technologyPatent technology made by GORE GORE-TEX film, per square centimeters by 9000000000 holes, these holes is 20000 times smaller than water, steam molecule is 700 times as large as the irregular arrangement, at the same time, therefore, the GORE-TEX fabric so that the human body can naturally discharg jordans on sale online ed Khan gas, and can prevent external rain and wind invades the human body, thus known as " the second skin of human body ". With Gore-Tex waterproof leather design Clarks leather shoes with high quality waterproof, windproof, breathable lining materials, ensure that your feet absolute dry and comfortable.Atsu plantar massage ScienceAtsu can be in your day-to-day wear sole acupoint massage stimulation, let your feet comfortable all day long. Insoles on the built-in unique soft beads to gently massage the soles of the feet, according to the blood flow, the sole massage soft beads will stimulate your foot, to promote blood circulation.Softtread super soft insolesWithin the Garter soft latex foam bring extremely fine luxury touch; leather and rubber soles wear-resistant combined both elegant and vivid malfunction light.Shofolk Scotland brand began to enter the footwear market, and found the United States toy trend brand Kidrobot cooperation, launched this joint Alaric shoes. The shoes are made of grey x blue, and the heels are joined with Kidrobot colored words. The shoes have Kidrobot signs, cartoon Logo. The shoes will be on sale around next month. avant garde tradition combines Dior Homme 2008 shoes, American space material, classic sneakers, Adidas, Originals, Forest, Hills comments on last article: avant garde tradition combines Dior Homme 2008 shoes next: American space material classic shoes Adidas Originals Forest Hills from Japan's street brand visvim high popularity, presumably not to repeat it, this season brand will again be born in 2011 TABI SASHIKO-FOLK, again brought back. This pair of shoes is undoubtedly one of the many visvim shoes are the most unique single product, logo design of the toe separation has attracted all the fashion with the Master, this time we use English to produce high-grade calf suede build shoe body, and manually injected Japanese embroidery details as the ornament, a beige sole has finally set. It is reported that the shoes price of $1050 dollars, will be on January 17th in visvim online shop exclusive sale. -- -- - Retro jordans for sale - -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! Sexy and unassuming you may have overlooked why do the boys have no resistance to girls wearing AJ? - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok LX8500 retro running shoes adidas Consortium x Colette x UNDEFEATED new joint series COMME, DES, GAR, ONS, HOMME, PLUS, x, Nike, joint Dunk, High, the first landing in Japan comments on last article: adidas Consortium x Colette x UNDEFEATED new joint series next article: COMME des GAR ONS HOMME PLUS x Nike joint Dunk High first landing in JapanThe Jordan Galaxy silhouette is the newest lifestyle model from Jordan Brand that just released in probably its best colorway yet. Advertisment This release of the Jordan Galaxy features a premium full-grain Black leather upper that wraps around the lateral side and heel counter. The shoe also incorporates durable nylon mesh detailing on the medial side. There are Black laces, heel pull tab and Jumpman logos to match the design, which is finished with a Gum rubber outsole. Take a closer look below and find this Jordan Galaxy Black Gum colorway available now at select Jordan Brand retail stores, including Rock City Kicks. The retail price tag is set at $135 USD. Following the highly demanded Grey colorway of the adidas Yeezy 750 Boost, an upcoming adidas Yeezy 750 Boost ??Black?? colorway has already been confirmed by Kanye West. Advertisment Kanye first broke the news on a New York radio Power 105.1 Breakfast Club, that a ??Black?? version of the Yeezy 750 would hit the market soon, and some are projecting it to drop as early as this Fall/Winter 2015. There has been no word on how Ye and adidas would use the shade of Black onto the sneaker, but here are detailed photos of how exactly the adid jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black as Yeezy 750 Boost ??Black?? colorway will look like. The shoe sports an all-Black suede upper that was originally seen with a White boost sole, but the release version could be a fully ??Blackout?? colorway as seen below. adidas Yeezy 750 Boost Black Release Date Check out the detailed images below and look for the ??Black?? adidas Yeezy 750 Boost to officially release on Saturday, December 19th, 2015. The retail price tag is set at $350 USD. adidas Yeezy 750 Boost Black/Black BB1839 December 19, 2015 $350 RELATED: Sneaker Release Dates UPDATE: One of the biggest releases of 2015 debuts tomorrow, just before Christmas. The adidas Yeezy 750 Boost ??Black?? will be widely available ?C Store Listings listed below. Check out more photos below and look for them at shops like Solebox. For those that are looking to scoop them up now, you can always hit up eBay. Let us know who??s copping in the comments section. UPDATE: Here is an on-feet video review of the ??Black?? adidas Yeezy 750 Boost by TBlake for those that may be debating on whether to scoop them up or not this weekend. adidas Yeezy 750 Boost ??Black?? On-Feet Video Review UPDATE: adidas has confirmed the ??Black?? Yeezy 750 Boost for Saturday, December 19th, and below are the official images and store listings of those that will be carrying the release globally. adidas Yeezy Boost 750 ??Black?? Store Listings: AUSTRALIA adidas Originals Store Emporium Melbourne adidas Originals Store Melbourne Chadstone adidas Originals Store Westfield Sydney City Espionage Highs & Lows (6050 Mt Lawley) Highs & Lows (Perth) Sneakerboy (Melbourne) AUSTRIA The 6th Floor BELGIUM adidas Originals Store Antwerp Avenue Fresh Hunting and Collecting Monar Reservoir Shop BRAZIL Originals Concept Store BULGARIA Allure CANADA adidas Originals Store Montr??al adidas Originals Store Toronto adidas Originals Store Vancouver Haven (Edmonton & Vancouver) Livestock (Toronto & Vancouver) NRML Off The Hook Boutique CHINA adidas Originals Store Shenzhen CoCo Park Beijing SLT Brand Center Catalog Chongqing North Paradise Walk Originals St Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ore Deal EXI.T Foss I.T Juice Shanghai HHL Brand Center Unik COLOMBIA adidas Originals Store Medellin Tesoro adidas Store Bogota Calle 122 DENMARK adidas Originals Store Copenhagen Foot Locker (Copenhagen) Naked Norse Project Rezet Size? Storm Stoy Munkholm Wood Wood FRANCE Acte 2 adidas Brand Center Paris adidas Originals Store Paris Citadium Colette Galeries Lafayette Le HUB Bastille Shinzo Size ? SNEAKERSNSTUFF Starcow Summer GERMANY 43einhalb adidas Originals Store Berlin asphaltgold Beastin Foot Locker Foot Locker (M??nchen and Stuttgart) Glory Hole JD Sports No74 Overkill GmbH Solebox (Muenchen & Berlin) Suppa The Good Will Out Uebervart Wood Wood GREECE Device1 Phat Soles HONG KONG EXI.T Juice Hong Kong D-MOP/J-01 adidas Originals Store Hong Kong Causeway Bay HUNGARY La Soleil INDIA adidas Originals, Mumbai adidas Brand Store, Bangalore INDONESIA Goods Dept IRELAND Brown Thomas JD Size? ISRAEL Factory 54 Namal ITALY adidas Originals Store Milan adidas Originals Store Rome Antonia Antonioli AW Lab Backdoor Cotton Club Deliberti Di Vincenzo Boutique Eraldo Excelsior Foot Locker G&b Negozio Luisa via Roma O?? One Block Down Papini Par5 Size ? SlamJam Ferrara SlamJam Milan Sneakers 76 Space23 (Rome and Milano) Spazio Pritelli Special Milano Spectrum Spoon Suede Sugar Susi Store The Dope Factory Urban Jungle (Roma and Napoli) JAPAN Isetan Shinjuku Styles Daikanyama UNDFTD Osaka Dice & Dice Tokyo United Arrows & Sons Tokyo adidas Originals Flagship Store Tokyo Undefeated Shizuoka Dice & Dice Fukuoka DSM Ginza Edifice GR8 VA BEAMS Tokyo Undefeated JP Billy??s ENT REPUBLIC OF KOREA 10 Corso Como adidas Originals Seoul Flagship Store adidas Originals Store Busan Seomyun adidas Originals Store Daegu Dongsungno adidas Originals Store Gwangji Chungjangno adidas Originals Store Hyundai Daegu adidas Originals STore Seoul Daehakro adidas Originals Store Seoul Itaewon adidas Originals Store Seoul Myungdong Bcoontheshop Cheongdam Beaker Cheongdam Flagship Beaker Hannam Flagship Kasina Haeundae Kasina Hongdae Kasina Seoul Koon Haeundae Koon With A View Sinsa KUWAIT Harvey Nichols Kuwait LEBANON The Good Life MALAYSIA adidas Originals Store Pavilion NETHERLANDS adidas Originals Store Amsterdam Baskets Foot Locker FOUR by Azzurro JD Sport Patta Size ? Woei NEW ZEALAND Loaded High Street NORWAY YME Studios PHILLIPPINES Commonwealth ROMANIA Baneasa Shopping City RUSSIAN FEDERATION Brandshop Galeria Kuznetsk Most 20 Minto Nevskiy 152 (babochka) Tsvetnoy Bulevar (OR) SINGAPORE adidas Originals Store Singapore, Scotts Road Limited Edt Chamber SOUTH AFRICA Shelflife adidas Originals Store Canal Walk SPAIN 24 Kilates adidas Originals Store Barcelona adidas Originals Store Madrid Elite Foot Locker Foot Locker Barcelona Limited Editions Nigra Mercato Sivasdescalzo Barcelona Sivasdescalzo Madrid SWEDEN Aplace C-Store Foot Locker Stockholm Nitty Gritty Sneakersnstuff Tres Bien Shop SWITZERLAND titolo sport TAIWAN adidas Originals Store Nanxi Invincible East Invincible Central Juice Taipei Invincible South THAILAND adidas Originals Store Bangkok Siam Center TURKEY adidas (?stinye) UKRAINE The Icon UNITED ARAB EMIRATES adidas Originals Store The Dubai Mall Level Shoe District UNITED KINGDOM adidas Originals Store Liverpool adidas Originals Store London adidas Store London Dover Street Market Endclothing Flannels Footlocker Footpatrol Ltd Hanon Harvey Nichols, Manchester and Birmingham JD Sports Sneakersnstuff Triads Ltd UNITED STATES Addict adidas Originals (Check Local Store) adidas Store (Check Local Store) Bait (Check Local Store) Barneys Chicago BBC ?C Billionaire Boys Club BLENDS (Check Local Store) Bows and Arrows Burn Rubber Champs (Check Local Store) CLICKS COMMONWEALTH Concepts COOL JS Cream CRSVR Dover Street Market NY DRIP (Antenna) Eblens Epitome EXPRESSIONS Extra Butter (LES) Extra Butter (Rockville Centre) Feature Las Vegas Foot Locker (Check Local Store) Footaction (Check Local Store) GOT SOLE Jimmy Jazz Kicks Sole Provider KITH Kith Brooklyn LACE UP LEADERS Major NEO 39 NEXT/XHIBITION ONENESS Packer Shoes, Inc. PacSun (Check Local Store) Politics Lafayette Premier Private Proper ROCK CITY KICKS RSVP Gallery Shiehk Shoes SHOE BIZ Shoe Gallery Shoe Palace (Check Local Store) SIMONS (Check Local Store) Sneaker Junkies Sneaker Politics SNEAKER TRAIN Sneaker Villa (Check Local Store) Social Status CPittsburg Liberty, Pittsburg Penn, Charlotte) SOLE CLASSIC SOLES INC (Miami and Miami Beach) St. Alfred SUCCEZZ The Darkside Initiative The Vault Ubiq Undefeated UNDFTD (Las Vegas, SF, Silverlake) UNHEARD OF Walters WEST Wish ATL UPDATE: The adidas Yeezy 750 Boost ??Black?? is set to launch on December 19th, and here are the latest images of the upcoming release via YTWW. UPDATE: Here is your best look yet at the ??Black?? adidas Yeezy 750 Boost from SneakerSteal, who cited Shoe Palace which is good news as this release may be more widely available than everyone anticipated. Stay tuned for the official word from adidas. UPDATE: Next weekend will be the debut of Kanye West??s ??Black?? adidas Yeezy 750 Boost that has created a lot of buzz these past couple weeks. Today, we get a closer look via YTWW of the highly anticipated release. Let us know what you think in the comments and stay tuned for official images coming next week. UPDATE: Cyhi The Prynce is the latest celebrity to receive the ??Black?? Yeezy 750s and he took a couple of pictures of them below, which even Kanye appeared in. Stay tuned for the official unveiling of the ??Black?? 750s to come soon. UPDATE: Celebrities are starting to release their pairs of the ??Black?? adidas Yeezy 750 Boost, and Travis Scoot was one who has already got a pair from Kanye West. Check out the first look at the official ??Black?? Yeezy 750s below and stay tuned for the official unveiling. UPDATE: Kim K has officially announced that the next adidas Yeezy release will be the adidas Yeezy 750 Boost ??Black?? that will become available on December 19th. Below are a few teaser images of the shoe via Kim K that look exactly like the pairs that Ibn Jasper claimed were fake. Kim just announced via her livestream that the Adidas YeezyBoost 750s in BLACK are COMING!!! ??? Kanye West (@YeezusKKW) December 3, 2015Sina micro-blog company introduces cooperation brand and contact us copyright declaration Beijing City Seth Times Media Culture Co. Ltd Copyright? 2017 SIZE media, All Right Reserved. Beijing ICP ready for No. 13028176 Vans Vault Sk8-Hi "Palm Leaf" physical map appreciate 2013-12-08 22:50:15 is one of the best choice for daily collocation in classic shoes Vans Vault Sk8-Hi definition of culture Hipster friends Vans brand, Vans Vault Sk8-Hi recently network exposure to this "Palm Leaf" on palm leaves as the theme design, adding in the upper palm leaf pattern, and two kinds of red and yellow collocation the color decoration, the overall cultural atmosphere more.Air Jordan the latest Wade brought 2010 new Dark Knight color, with black grey suede and black charcoal perforated material design, metal silver outsole with translucent red. An independent front sole provides strength and support, while the foot is flexed and free of the limitations of the forefoot. The front sole cover utilizes mesh gaskets to provide comfort and light breathability. The holes ensure the breathability of the basketball shoes and keep the shoes light. In particular the collar of the shoe pad into a separate mold raphe unit, enhance the fit of basketball shoes. The asymmetric collar line design, improve the fit of the ankle. 4 K1 |$G (L s% K5 c& i+! ~ +; p since Axin launched its own brand STAY REAL founded, every move has been fans fans attention, this time launched a limited commodity, together with concern! STAYREAL I know the answer formula and physics and chemistry program, I still can not find the answer, I only know that youth can not be checked, then it is better to let me squeeze out a perfect smile, fight it, download (36.3 KB)Rick Owens Rick Owens new 2013-12-08 unique taste 22:56:08 founded in 1994, the famous shoe brand Rick Owens recently launched a new shoes, the the Island Dunk is still a continuation of the use of color and minimalist punk design technique. The vamp is made of a rough suede material, with a combination of black and white leather at the heel, emitting a distinctive flavor of Rick Owens.