1. Aerated (Cellular) wooden doors coated with wooden veneer of various types hardwood, softwood or finewood as: oak, linden tree, hickory, mahogany etc.

The coloring (pigmentation) is made with lacquers and paints from very well known companies such as: AKZO, NOBEL, SAYERLACK, all world-wide leaders in wooden finishes, this fact will permit us to offer you a wide chord.

The door comes equipped with doorcase, cases on one side, and standard metal fittings. The doors can be made only on commission.

2. Sturdy wood doors engineered for interior and exterior

Sturdy wood doors have a well-known elegance, that allows them to be bought for any type of building be it modern or traditional. They have the biggest impact resistance, in their category.  In constructing them we can use: oak, linden, plank(spruce), merandi, eukalipt etc.

3. Jalousies

Wooden jalousies of different types: adjusting lamella, clamped lamella. Again, different types of wood: oak, plank(spruce), merandi, northern pine(deal). The metal fittings comes from well-known companies such as ROTTO or AGB. Coloring made with water-based varnishing and paint, exclusively for wooden exterior products, our clients having the possibility of choosing from a wide chord.

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