What can we understand by garrets?

We understand the construction of a raised roof in order to create wide living spaces, offices etc.

Garrets can be also applied at: houses, holiday houses, garages, buildings etc.

Based on the latest technologies developed by Mitek, this wooden structures intermeaned with multitack plaques represent fast, precise, economic and lasting solutions for garrets or redoing the roofs for any kind of construction.

If one lives in a house and the surrounding space is limited, the best option is the garret. Many of us can transform the old attic of a house into a floor. The garret offers the floor structure, walls, ceiling and the roof structure.

The garret offers a low use of wood, a low execution time, are easy way to assemble it and highly important – lower execution costs than the classic system and easy structure. The thermal insulation of the building can be made with mineral wool or cellulose.

Taking into account the fact that the structure can have a big opening space without any support in the center of it (we eliminate the classic pylons), the partition is easier.

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